State Bird Provisions in San Francisco won a Michelin Star earlier this year as well as the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant, and we're excited to say that we helped furnish it!

Definitely a restaurant worth making the trip to visit, and who doesn't love San Francisco anyways? Dim sum style serving (you can eat as many of your favorite dish as you want) and the menu changes so often, I've never eaten the same thing there twice. (Disappointing and exciting at the same time)

Reservations are tricky to get, but they take walk-ins (line up early!)

Check out our industrial school chairs lookin' good in their newly expanded space.

Picture from statebirdsf.com

Picture from statebirdsf.com


Drafting Tables and Lamps

I was reading recently how increasingly difficult it's becoming to find decent drafting tables in a world increasingly leaning towards digital rendering technology, and I thought I would share with you how many awesome drafting tables we have! ....And also maybe some tips for building your own workspace.

Being realistic, we all do need a space for us to work in our homes. Whether you're a workaholic and bring your caseload home with you every night/weekend or if you like to work on personal projects at home, it always seems more motivating and fun when you have an awesome space to do it in (as opposed to your coffee table). The drafting table workspace should not be underestimated...

The benefits:
Drafting tables serve as particularly great working spaces because they were designed as desks for designers who spend long and tedious hours drawing and hunched over their desks (or at least they used to). Nowadays it's nice to take full advantage of the adjustment ability of these tables for your own comfort (height, angle...) They're also easy to store because the desk can angle down completely (as shown in picture below), or they can flatten out completely horizontally to be used as a more traditional desk space.

They're also just really cool because they bring some sort of 18th/19th century history to your home, but in a minimalist more modern way. And people can be impressed that you have a serious drafting table for all the serious work that you're doing.

1. An awesome drafting table:

Wm Rietveld and Friso Kramer "REPLY" Drafting Table
2. A great chair that adjusts with the height of the table

Friso Kramer Style Plywood Drafting Stool

Friso Kramer Upholstered Drafting Stool

3. A footrest - optional, but soooo worth it. 

Industrial Foot Rest Attributed to Wm Rietveld by Ahrend 

4. A lamp! Great lighting is always a key component to seeing what you're doing:

Industrial Drafting Table Lamp

Industrial Christian Dell Style Clamp Task Lamp

5. And finally - a mini drafting table workspace for your child so they can get an early start at architecture and eventually go to Yale. 

Friso Kramer Style Kid's Drafting Table

Happy Drafting!


Little Soldier Lamps: Nightlights and Reading Lamps

Seriously, what could be cuter than this?? A little soldier lamp to keep you company on your bedside table can definitely brighten up the room. Tiny and versatile, they're also extremely adorable. Two that I love right now are the clip on ones (pictured below) that are particularly charming, and would look so great in a kid's room.

In addition to little nightlights, a great bedside reading lamp can really be something. What we love about these is that they're always in reach - no need for the long broomstick to poke the lightswitch from in bed across the room anymore. Fortunately we have a ton of great options to choose from, here are a few that we've seen on Pinterest boards and loooved.  

image from Pinterest

Mid Century Hala Zeist Style Desk Lamp
Industrial Christian Dell Style Clamp Task Lamp

image from Pinterest

Prouve Style Atelier 36" Swing Arm Jib Lamp

Prouve Style Atelier 18" Swing Arm Jib Lamp with Shade


Check out our PINTEREST!

We're always pinning lots of cool mid-century modern things & more to our boards. Come take a look!



Organic Home Accessories: Cacti

Cacti and Mid-Century modern seem to fit together extraordinarily well. Actually, cacti look good in any situation, which seems contradictory to their bizarre and prickly appearance. As outdoor and indoor plants, they require very little maintenance, and cover an impressive range of sizes. They also come in an impressive range of colors, and some have beautiful blooming red, yellow, or white flowers (such as the flowers of the trichocereus lamprochloru).

I'm particularly fond of the more dusty-green colored cacti, and they prove to complement bright sunlit rooms exceptionally well (such as in the pictures below). I'm a sucker for beautiful pottery, and our Mobach ceramic planters are to die for. It's fun to have some green to liven up sections of your home. In fact, I've been inspired to make a trip to the nursery and make myself a cute little desk arrangement.

Images from Pinterest

Images from Pinterest


New Years Home Redesign

Why wait until Spring comes around to redecorate your home? The best part of the New Year is being able to revamp your life with all those new years resolutions, while you still have the inspiration to do so. Be a resolution redecorator and re- everything! Here are some cool styling tips:

One new item
Redesigning your home is no easy task, it requires a definite level of ambition we can't all achieve (or just don't have time or money to). For a more budget and time-friendly solution, simply move your furniture around and center it around a new piece you may have gotten for Christmas, or just bought for yourself. This technique is quite effective in giving the same sense of satisfaction that having a whole bunch of new things does because it feels like a completely different space. Who ever said change was bad?

I got the idea from Dwell, of course.

From dwell.com

Normende "Spectra Futura" Radio by Raymond Loewy

Centering your living room around a key piece, such as the Achille Castiglioni Bionvega RR226 stereo or Raymond Loewy's colorful stereo, can be an impactful accessorizer to any room. People definitely take home accessories for granted - they can make a living room, bedroom, etc look so different!

Do something new and craazy
I'm not normally one to stray far from my usual tastes - for example I only always wear only black, grey, white, and denim (boring, I know). This time I've decided to start the year off by emerging from my bubble of a comfort zone, and doing COLOR! Not only in my wardrobe, but at home too. Some crazy fun ideas I had while brainstorming:

Lighting galore - I'm not a caveman or a vampire, and therefore I love well-lit but cozy rooms to relax. It may seem cluttered to have a bunch of lamps in one area, but they're all so unique and colorful. Great for spaces that seem too sleek and maybe a little cold.

Going all teak! (Or something else). This is especially great for spaces that seem to have too many ideas going on at once but with no overall sense of continuity. Get rid of a few things and keep a specific color scheme in mind. This look is like monochrome but with a pop - you're working with a limited color palette that automatically ties all your pieces together. And you can always add (yay new stuff!).

Images from Pinterest

Some pieces I love from our website:

Happy New Years!


Winter Chic

Sarfatti "2097" Chandelier, Rietveld Pyramid Chairs, & Friso Kramer REFORM table