Heavy duty, super tough, our stone and mosaic tables should be featured in a Ford Truck ad. These things are the real deal - built to last with a bold style recalling a bygone era of 70s splendor. Stone and mosaic tables are extremely versatile, do well both inside and outdoors, and add a touch of solidity to any space they inhabit. Pair one with some leather seating for a cave-man modern chic aesthetic, or put one outside to compliment your new wire patio furniture. These tables are awesome, and did I mention heavy?


El Niño or El "Letdown" - Bamboo Safari in Los Angeles

El Niño or El "Letdown",  I'm sitting at my desk sweating watching heat waves ripple off the pavement. What happened to the foretold biblical downpour, the great drought ending winter of '16, the mudslides, the flooding, the excitement. Ya feel?

It's true, it has been raining steadily in Northern California and the Sierra snowpack is in decent shape considering the last several years, but down here in Southern California all I can do is sit in my chair on my dead lawn and dream of a tropical Los Angeles. A Los Angeles with a real flowing river, a Los Angeles with ambient jungle animal noises, a Los Angeles that is pretty much just Miami - except with great Mexican Food and The Lakers.

A new container of goodies just came in last week, and it was full of beautiful bamboo furniture perfect for my tropical Los Angeles dream. Come take a look at some these new treasures! They're not going to last long..



Side table, not a dining table, not a conference table, not even a coffee table, so what's the deal with side tables anyways?

The deal is that side tables are really the silent heroes of the interior design world. Bearing the weight of lamps, trinkets, magazines; letting lesser pieces take the spotlight; hidden from view; out of sight and mind. Ok I'm being dramatic, but really side tables are sweet and can add the perfect subtle stylistic touch to a room while serving a really practical function. Here are some of our favorites we have in stock right now.

Tropical Vibes

Classy like your Grandma

Actually So Cool :)

Imported From the Future



Reliable, playful, loving - it's Man's Best Friend.

Fun and Corky
Sometimes a Little Weird
And Always Sophisticated
It's Man's Best Friend, A Great Chair


Authentic Pizza Ovens

So our sister store in Phoenix, Arizona, Sunset Modern, has recently launched a new culinary venture, "Authentic Pizza Ovens". We just had one shipped to us yesterday and we're beyond excited to try it out. They're versatile ovens that work not only for pizza, but also red meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

The ovens are extremely light weight, when moving it inside two of us had no issues lifting it whatsoever. We were blown away by the simple elegant design of the oven. It really is gorgeous! Its currently in our showroom where it will stay for the next month, but after that we'll be spending our afternoons in the back cooking up the goods.
You can check out the ovens here at www.authenticpizzaovens.com

Not just for Pizza!


Our Top 5 Art and Design Blogs

The Growlers sing in Chinese Fountain, "The internet is bigger than Jesus or John Lennon" and I'm starting to think they might be right. Seriously though, the internet is enormous, and like some overly enthusiastic fledgling universe still at a teenage supernova full sprint galloping away from its gravitational center point out towards the darker reaches of the yet to happen - our world wide web is pushing.

A break from the heady language - the internet has a lot of cool stuff, including a seemingly endless amount of art and design blogs. We look to these constantly for inspiration for our  homes, for our store, for our lives. We've compiled a list of 5 of our favorite art/design oriented blogs for you to peruse if curious.

1. The Fox is Black is so cool. They cover a wide range of topics from contemporary art to music to film to industrial design, all with a keen eye for conceptual and aesthetic boundary pushers and trend setters. Best of all, they're from LA :)

2. The Selby - Is In Your Place -  is a very popular blog (for good reason) documenting creators in their homes and studios. Todd Selby gives us an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of artists, chefs, designers, musicians, writers, ect. It's highly personal, fun, and a good reminder of our shared humanity :)

3.  Miss Moss - this South African blog is rad. Diana Moss has impeccable pastel colored old photographs found in your grandparent's attic type taste and shares total treasures.

4.My Love for You - features up and coming artists and designers who have yet to reach major audiences, but are creating ambitious and important work. The recent post highlighting La Fuerza Silenciosa, a public art project by Alicia Reyes McNamara and Kat Burdine - intended to bring attention to the resilient women holding communities together that have been devastated by violence in Honduras - was inspirational to say the least. Take a look!

5. Core 77 is kind of its own world. It's established itself as one of the premiere web destinations for design inspiration. Do yourself a favor, take an hour, take a day, click around.



And the winners of the North-West European regional modernist chair industrial design championships are…. 

Creative work is tough to evaluate and compare. Personal style invariably biases our assessment of design.

There is however, one category of furniture design to which a certain amount of objectivity can be applied – industrial chairs. To make a stacking chair comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, economic to produce on a massive scale, and uniquely aesthetically pleasing is a design problem of the utmost subtlety. Three of our absolute favorites from the category are Friso Kramer, Wim Rietveld and Willy Van Der Meeren. Check out a classic chair from each of them below.

photo: Louise Desrosiers

photo: Atelier 154

photo: unknown