Our Foray into Styling the Foyer

The foyer or entryway to your home serves as a perfect introduction to the type of person you are... cluttered and disorganized, or minimal and clean, it lends precedence to what the rest of your house is going to look like (most likely.) As they say, first impressions are everything - right? 

Not all of us have a distinct foyer per say, but we can create the illusion of having one (even if it is just an extension of our living room.) All we really need is a place to rest our keys upon arrival to save us some stress and anxiety later on when we REALLY need to be somewhere important and can't find those damn keys. We've picked out a few things we want for our foyer, and of course, some inspiration from Pinterest.  Also sorry... couldn't resist with that title.

1. Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax Writing Desk or Side Table with Wire Legs. Very elegant industrial design in the shaping of the tubular enameled metal legs. 

2. Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli Three Seater Bench with Cast Aluminum Legs. A classic painted plywood seat design from Castelli but in bench form (how cool). I could see this in my entryway or hallway - it's playful but also with a minimal palette.  

3. Cees Braakman and A. Dekker Wire Vanity Stool for Pastoe. I suppose not the most comfortable chair for sitting, but also why would you be sitting in your foyer all day. Plus it's gorgeous. 

4. Raak Saturnus Chandelier. This would be the epitome of statement pieces if hung in your entryway, just think about it... 

5. Krijn Hamelink "Cadiz" Side Chair. Simple and minimal with clean lines! A good alternative to heavier pieces and would work better with smaller spaces. 

6. Artimeta Soest Perforated Mirror and Lamp in Orange. A good mirror is always crucial for a last check out the door to make sure everything is in order. 

7. Mid-Century Small Teak Cabinet. Just small enough to place near a door but large enough to be noticeable - also a great piece to hang a mirror above (such as the Artimeta Soest mirror, #6)

Check out our Pinterest inspiration board for this post! Plus more picks 



Happy 2015! We got two new containers within two weeks of each other last month, and therefore have been extremely overwhelmed - in other words stumbling over all our new stuff in excitement, joy, and disarray. Here are a few of our favorite Dutch designs from our newest containers!

1. Gerard Van Den Berg for Montis 1970 - "The Rock" Two-Seater and Ottoman

Gerard Van Den Berg arguably defined a turning point from classic Mid-Century Dutch furniture design to more contemporary design using different materials, such as rattan and leather. For Montis, a company he started with his brother, his design aesthetic stemmed from concepts of comfort - cushiony seats with a solid and sturdy body. Nevertheless, he maintains a sleek elegance to each piece with his balanced, and often singular, use of warm leather upholstery and carefully placed stitching. 

This particular piece is in very good condition! One of the best we've seen. There is some normal wear from age and use, but overall it's beautifully patina-d and well cared for :)

2. P.J. Muntendam Lounge Chair for Gebr Jonkers, 1956.

Gebr. Jonkers was a manufacturer most well-known for their iconic pieces in woven rattan. Their factory was in Noordwolde from 1929-1982. They worked with well-known Dutch designers such as Dirk van Sliedregt and smaller designers like P.J. Muntendam who brought their own specific design aesthetics to the palm material.

We love the pop of red on the frame of this chair! Leather Armrests, Black Leather Cushion and Headrest.

3. Radboud van Beekum FM60 Cubic Chair and Side Table for Pastoe, 1980.

Dutch designer Radboud van Beekum designed his Cube chair for Pastoe after graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a focus in architectural design and furniture in 1977. After joining the studio Total Design in Amsterdam, he worked on projects for the Rijksmuseum and the Royal Palace in Amsterdam and his team was awarded the Kho Liang Le prize for industrial design in 1991. 

We re-upholstered the chair in black leather, the frame is original. The table is in original condition and harder to find! Look out for a pair of FM60 chairs with a white frame coming soon to our warehouse...

Of course we also have a Work in Progress section in our warehouse! We get in so many amazing pieces that just need a little spiffing up, here are a few we're working on (so keep an eye out when they show up on our floor)

4. Friso Kramer "Repose" Arm Chair for Ahrend de Cirkel, 1950.
Friso Kramer's "Repose" Arm Chair won the Signe D'Or Award for its design when it was revealed in 1960. Friso Kramer transitioned industrial design of the 1940's to what it is today - more to come on this amazing Dutch designer soon!

5. This one is just TOO great... No further description needed.


Planting Our Warehouse

We finally got around to planting a few plants in our warehouse! By "planting" I mean leaving a few cacti in their plastic pots and just sticking them in a few awesome west german ceramics. But either way, they're still lookin' gooood if I do say so myself.

Also got a few maidenhair ferns to populate our coolest triangular planter...

Also thanks VSCO Cam for making my iPhone pictures look so stunning.


Tribute to Ilmari Tapiovaara's Iconic Designs

As one of the greatest Finnish designers, Ilmari Tapiovaara's iconic designs remain very recognizable and highly popular to this day. His spindle-back chair design has become a classic and even a design essential, with manufacturers still duplicating the simple lines and sturdy structure of his chairs. Even years later, mid-century enthusiasts continue to covet Tapiovaara's famous designs for their versatility and warmth of well-loved plywood.

Tapiovaara is most well-known for his 1946 Domus Chair, which he designed with his wife, Annikki, for the Domus Academica. He worked in several capacities as an architect, furniture designer, interior designer, art director, and professor in Europe and America. He was given six gold medals for design at the Milan Triennials as well as many other design awards in Finland. He studied at the Central School for Applied Arts in Helsinki, and worked for Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. 

The Helsinki Design Museum celebrated Ilmari Tapiovaara's 100th year anniversary in September with a retrospective of his work. (Born September 7, 1914 - January 31, 1999)

Pirkka Dining Series Set, Sarfatti Spiral Chandelier

Plywood Folding Desk, Tapiovaara Style High Back Spindle Chair

Tapiovaara Style Side Chairs

Photos by David Cortes for Amsterdam Modern


Sally Breer (of Co-Mingle & Shopclass) at Amsterdam Modern!

Last Friday we had the pleasure of having the talented Sally Breer in our new space for a shoot! Sally is one of our partners at Shopclass and also runs her own interior design firm, Co-Mingle. Although somehow we're still in the process of organizing our inventory (it seems like a never-ending process), Sally and her team were able to pick out some amazing pieces and whip together a few inspiration vignettes for her newest project.

A little backstory -
When moving into our new space we discovered that bright red floors, while cool, are very hard to photograph with...and get rid of. After some debate as to whether we should tile, carpet, or build a platform over the red for shoots, we decided that re-painting the concrete was probably the best idea for permanence and quality. It took more than a few coats for the red to stop glowing through and casting a faint orange-ish shadow over all the things we tried to photograph. You can see the final result -

Sally was the first to test our new floors for vignettes, and we think it went perfectly! Here's a little taste of the action-

Arriving in our loading dock-

Sally and her team getting to work - pictured is our Cees Braakman for Pastoe Bookcase with a Built-in Desk and a Gerard van den Berg Leather and Rattan chair for Montis

Sally is a clever one - I mean who wouldn't want a massive amount of mid-century gems at their fingertips whenever they're shooting??

Here's a glimpse at another - Bethany Nauert was photographing for Sally! Pictured is our Pierre Pauling Mushroom and Ottoman F560 & P561 and Kartell Style 70's Acrylic Coat Rack. Artwork and accessories all found at Home Goods a la Sally.

Apparently that ceiling lamp is quite heavy and requires a longer arm span.

Also, I want this cactus-plant. Excuse the massive size of the picture, but I wanted you to see how it's a cactus...but with leaves. How cool.