We want to start out the week by honoring the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl movement with some colorful eye candy. The movement is defined by the bold primary colors from paintings by Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian which inspired a wave of design beyond the canvas, in pieces like The Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld (1917) and The Mondrian collection by Yves Saint Laurent (1966). As timing would have it, exactly 100 years after the birth of a movement, this season's colors on the runway have a clear inspiration. These pictures remind us how bold a simple choice can be. Whether they're a vibrant throwback to Preschool or the beloved De Stijl movement of 1917, the colors are bound to capture your inner child. 

Above: Rietveld Industrial Metal Cabinet for Gispen $5,875 | Rosetta Getty 2017 via Vogue.com

Above: Enameled Scissor Wall Lamp $495 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com

Above: Tomado Style Shelving | Stella McCartney 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Gijs van der Sluis Streamline Sofa $3250 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Coen De Vries Love Seat $1650 | Louis: Priceless | Stella McCartney 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Hala Zeist Enameled Scissor Wall Lamp $295 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com
 Shop the look:

Tomado Bookshelf $795

           Visser Sofa for Spectrum $3250
(6) Rare Kramer Revolt Chairs $5,500


New Made LA @ Echo Park Craft Fair

As you may know, we have launched our newest project, New Made LA, where we venture to bring the sleek look and functionality of Mid-Century design into today's everyday home. With its minimalistic look and multipurpose functions, designer Simon St. James LeComte, has crafted a way to make these designs more accessible for home decor enthusiasts.

We have so many exciting events approaching, one of which is the lovely Echo Park Craft Fair, which recently published an Artist Interview featuring our very own Simon St. James LeComte. We hope that you can make it out on December 10th to visit us at the Echo Park Craft Fair and to check out all the other great local artists!


December 10 & 11, 2016
Mack Sennett Studios
You can purchase tickets here

For interviews with other featured artists, like our friends Momoko Suzuki and Alexander Yamaguchi of Black Crane and pottery artist Edith Gwathmey (and to keep up with all the fair happenings) click here!

    Pictures courtesy of EPCF



Streamline Sofas

The streamline sofa is perhaps the apex of minimalist mid-century modern furniture design. This is the sofa in its most basic form - nothing extra. There are no tapered legs, side cushions, there aren't even armrests. Rejoice all you austere, spartan furniture lovers, the no frills sofa is here.


Pastoe Catalogue Covers

Here are some classic Pastoe catalogue covers from the 50s and 60s. Iconic modernist design at its finest. The company was founded in 1913 and recently celebrated its centennial anniversary marking 100 years of design excellence. 


Polaroid Opposites

About two months ago The Impossible Project asked to borrow some furniture. We're nice people and said yes. They're nice people and gave us a polaroid camera as a thank you gift. Here are a couple of shots of our warehouse from the last several weeks. The Impossible Project is currently the only company in the world manufacturing film for polaroid cameras. While it's not my preferred medium to shoot on, it is a whole lot of fun. If you have an old polaroid consider checking them out and getting yourself some film!



Heavy duty, super tough, our stone and mosaic tables should be featured in a Ford Truck ad. These things are the real deal - built to last with a bold style recalling a bygone era of 70s splendor. Stone and mosaic tables are extremely versatile, do well both inside and outdoors, and add a touch of solidity to any space they inhabit. Pair one with some leather seating for a cave-man modern chic aesthetic, or put one outside to compliment your new wire patio furniture. These tables are awesome, and did I mention heavy?


El Niño or El "Letdown" - Bamboo Safari in Los Angeles

El Niño or El "Letdown",  I'm sitting at my desk sweating watching heat waves ripple off the pavement. What happened to the foretold biblical downpour, the great drought ending winter of '16, the mudslides, the flooding, the excitement. Ya feel?

It's true, it has been raining steadily in Northern California and the Sierra snowpack is in decent shape considering the last several years, but down here in Southern California all I can do is sit in my chair on my dead lawn and dream of a tropical Los Angeles. A Los Angeles with a real flowing river, a Los Angeles with ambient jungle animal noises, a Los Angeles that is pretty much just Miami - except with great Mexican Food and The Lakers.

A new container of goodies just came in last week, and it was full of beautiful bamboo furniture perfect for my tropical Los Angeles dream. Come take a look at some these new treasures! They're not going to last long..